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88 days free trial for all items, we refund in full if you don't like them. No questions asked.
88 days free trial for all items, we refund in full if you don't like them. No questions asked.

Pre-Sale FlexiSpot EP1F Phone Booth – Private Acoustic Office Pod with Soundproof Walls, Ventilation System, and Modern Design for Workspaces

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Original price $1,700.00
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Price is including delivery and gst, we will ship it within 30 days after ordering. The FlexiSpot EP1F Phone Booth is the perfect solution for creating private, quiet spaces in busy work environments. Designed with high-quality soundproof walls and modern aesthetics, this phone booth provides a serene environment for making calls, video conferences, or focused work. With a built-in ventilation system and ergonomic design, the EP1F ensures comfort and productivity.

Key Features:

  • Superior Soundproofing: Constructed with high-quality soundproof materials, the FlexiSpot EP1F significantly reduces external noise, ensuring a quiet and private workspace.
  • Ventilation System: Equipped with an efficient ventilation system, this phone booth provides continuous airflow, maintaining a comfortable environment during use.
  • Modern Design: Featuring a sleek and modern design, the EP1F blends seamlessly into any office decor, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Spacious Interior: The booth offers ample space for comfortable movement, making it ideal for phone calls, video conferences, or focused work.
  • Easy Installation: The FlexiSpot EP1F is designed for easy assembly and installation, allowing you to set up a private space quickly and effortlessly.
  • Ergonomic Features: Includes a built-in desk and power outlets, providing a convenient and comfortable workspace for various tasks.


  • Brand: FlexiSpot
  • Model: EP1F
  • Material: Soundproof panels, tempered glass
  • Ventilation: Built-in ventilation system
  • Weight: 150 kg

Why Choose FlexiSpot EP1F?

  • Privacy and Focus: Create a private space within open office environments, enhancing focus and productivity.
  • Comfort and Convenience: With its ergonomic design and ventilation system, the EP1F ensures a comfortable and pleasant user experience.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The modern and sleek design adds a professional look to any office setting.

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