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88 days free trial for all items, we refund in full if you don't like them. No questions asked.
88 days free trial for all items, we refund in full if you don't like them. No questions asked.

Open Letter From Owner

Dear Reader: 


Quick Introduction, I'm Evan and came to Melbourne in 2014 and really grateful for the opportunities the Australian society has provided for everyone, in which I, as a beneficiary, can pursue my personal goals freely.  

How I started the business:  the two"make good"I believe in, Opening and running this shop has shown it serves both. 

  • making good money 

  • making good friends. 

Firstly, this business have good economics, to focus on finding & bringing products, that is of signifiant savings, especially consumables for expensive tools. It creates value for both buyer and dealer. User don't have to pay for pricey items due to no quality alternatives on the market. Our favourite strategy is to create own house-brands, not commodities.As saying goes, you don't need outrun the fox, just a little bit faster than the rabbit next to you. We should save you at least 40% for items of retail price at hardware shops, such as Bunnings. The reason is we manufacture either through the factory we own in China, or through people we know well, and we run things at a very efficient manner by keeping ultra-low overheads.This ensures money savings and a reasonable return for myself. Over time, reasonably & hopefully, it can achieve good economics, compounds and scales, an above-the-average return.  A side note is we invite you to tell us what high-volume, high-price consumables you use for new product developments

This business also helped me the second goal of meeting good people and making good friends"Come as a customer, leave as a friend"Selectively, I met some really good people, who has good characters I want to be associated with, I really hope you like me back.  Getting Philosophical, "Life is about the journey and meeting people along the way, isn't it.  We all born alone and die alone, through times we interact with others, there is a sense of belonging and not feeling alone." I hope to meet even more amazing people while runnings the shop, and create value for people who I can proudly call friends. 

For the first timers, put a trial order with us and see how it goes. 

For regular patrons, welcome back and thanks you for the business you gave us. Hope every time you are here, we can make you smile.  Nobody likes to deal with angry or sad people.  


Thanks for Reading​

Contact email is   

P.S The name Socrates has many meanings, Socrates is a great Philosopher, I was reading the Republic at the time when I contemplating starting the business.  It adds a sophisticated ring, and also funny, as I am not greek either.  A song by Wu-Tang Clan Triumph, has it, I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses. Can't define how I be droppin' these mockeries

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